Monday, October 22, 2007

A Sure Sign of Winter

A sure sign of winter - plugged in cars, squeaky snow under each step, frosted eyelashes, frozen fingers, puffy down coats. Subzero temperatures this morning and its only mid-October.

It warmed up to a chilly +5º F (-15º C) early this afternoon but quite beautiful with frosted trees and ice crystals floating outside the window at the office.


mtbikemeteo said...

people plug their cars in when it's barely below zero?? i thought they waited til it was 20 below??

Lena said...

now the subzero temps are sounding nice... can you do something to stop this RAIN in the forecast??

Anonymous said...

I moved to Oregon - Southern Oregon - no one needs plug in their car there! Some kids were walking past my Suburban (1991 folks) and said - "hey lady - your car is unplugged!" I didn't bother trying to explain the whole thing to them - I just laughed! :)