Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Some Scenes from Odessa

I thought I would just post some random pics I took over the past couple of weeks from wanderings around the city. I came across this memorial tucked away in one of the parks which is dedicated to the soldiers that died during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

This trash bin was burning in front of the University--many people walked by but not a single person even looked at it or batted an eyelash.

This looks like a building but its actually a giant curtain which is hiding scaffolding and construction. You would only see this sort of disguise in the city center. Elsewhere the city is dilapidated and falling apart.

The chameleon opera house--it would progressively change colors over a period of about 5 minutes. It is quite beautiful and currently the talk of the town. The opera house been covered in scaffolding for the past 10 yrs because of a renovation project that ran out of funding. It just opened last week.

The thriving port of Odessa buzzes with activity. Ships cross the Black Sea via Istanbul en route to the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Urban drainage problems. Last week I was caught in a downpour downtown and many streets flooded along with some of the nice restaurants along Odessa's main pedestrian street.

Very pointy breasted woman hitching a ride with a dolphin.

A building in the city center...I forget what is though.

This burning pile of trash was in my hood. Why put it in the dumpster and haul it away when you can torch it right on the spot?

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