Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dogs of Odessa

A common site on the streets of Odessa...

The dogs move through the streets in packs...although you do see the occasional stray wandering alone. They are along every boulevard, in every alley and relaxing in all the parks. They never appear to be aggressive and seem to go about their daily business just as the other Odessans commute to/from work or go for an evening stroll. They cross the street between breaks in the traffic and I have only seen a few cars slam on their breaks to avoid them. I rarely see a minor brawl or scuffle or dog shit lying on the sidewalk. Nobody even seems to notice them... Odessa certainly has a stray dog problem but no one seems to care.

Intellectual dogs in front of my neighborhood bookstore

An afternoon siesta

And so...Odessa lets the sleeping dogs lie....

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