Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back in the Pack

With the ski season in full swing I decided its time to start wearing my favorite skiing accessory - the golden GoLite Pack.

I went out with Kristen this afternoon on the UAF trails and she subtly made fun of me for carrying the pack. Why? ...because I had about 10 lbs of weights and a few other misc items. She commented that I am taking on characteristics of our friend Andy--who has been known to mow his lawn with 40 lbs on his back and 5 lb weights strapped to his ankles.
Kristen and I are training again for the 100 mile Susitna 100 race in February and any other long ski adventures that materialize this winter. I have found that carrying a weighted down pack is great for balance especially when skate skiing. The Susitna requires racers to carry all essential survival gear which ends up being about 25 to 30 lbs. So I intend to gradually add more weight and in another month or so shouldn't even notice that I have the pack on. Buckling the waist strap feels as natural as putting on my seat belt and the pack gives me a sense of security because its loaded down with food and warm clothes. Without it tightly wrapped around my torso I have this sense of uneasiness like I am somehow flirting with death.
Anna enjoys my spicy chili. Kristen lives right on the trails so we finished up the afternoon at her cabin eating some hot food.
Its a mini Ned...only a little cuter


mtbikemeteo said...

i'd know that pack from a mile away!! great pictures.. looks like christmas already!

Anonymous said...

That is one cute little girl. But cuter than Ned? C'mon!!