Sunday, October 14, 2007

теперь, я могу говорить небольшого русского

теперь, я могу говорить небольшого русского. (Translation: Now I can speak a little Russian.) I certainly can read and understand more Russian than I can actually speak. I am hoping that Lena and others in Fairbanks will help me preserve some of the Russian that I did absorb during my submersion (or drowning) here in Odessa.

Today is my last full day in Odessa. Tomorrow I am headed to Budapest for a night...and then back to FAI on Tue. I really miss everyone back at home and I cant wait to ski my ass off the next 6 months. Let it snow!!!

I will add a few remaining pics from Odessa after I get back. Спасибо. До свидания!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey - I took 2 years of college Russian at UAF. Got the the third year and it was very depressing to go into Serge's class again - he's rather a pain in the ....

So I could read most of what you wrote! :) POKA!