Saturday, May 12, 2007

Relay-For-Life Yard Sale

We had our BIG fundraising yard sale for our Relay-For-Life team today. The entire profit will be going toward the American Cancer Society. We had a pretty good selection of decent items and we made almost $700!!! But of course some people dropped off stuff that didn't even work--why do people do this??

There was quite a good turnout considering we had the crappiest weather this year: temperatures in the mid 30s with rain, snow and gusty winds. The precipitation began just after the start of the sale and promptly ended right when the sale was winding down--go figure! All in all is was a fun time hanging with friends and meeting an eclectic mix of hard core yard salers out in such inclement weather. Some of us also were able to get out for a 9-mile soggy run which was a nice break from standing around under tarps freezing our asses off.

Bernie hangs up one of our fundraising signs.

The first 15 min of the sale started out with sun and a rush of people

Then came the rain--and snow--and sagging tarps. I didn't design these to hold slush.

Lena, Leslie and Ted remained happy even though they had to pilfer through the yard sale clothing to stay warm.

No...Rosie is not for sale.

Lena flashes the cash--we made almost $700 to donate to the American Cancer Society.

Some of the remaining items went to the reuse area at the dump. We were ransacked by a handful of people when we arrived with a truckload of unsellable items. Bernie just couldn't resist the hip thruster and we had to persuade him to leave it there.

Check this out--there was this totally cool retro fridge at the dump!

All in a days work--We depart the reuse area at the dump and head home after a successful day for a worthy cause.

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