Friday, May 18, 2007

The Friday Night Booze Cruise

Endless daylight and warm temperatures have arrived and it was time to pull out the canoe out and visit the local drinking establishments situated along the Chena River. Fourteen of us started the evening cruise at the Carlson Center and drifted and drank our way down the river. We eventually ended up at Pikes Landing just before 10pm and were able to squeeze in a food order before the kitchen closed.

Man--the wildlife viewing from the river was superb!!

A trip on the Chena would not be complete w/out a stop at the Boatel. No--the guy sitting at the bar was not with us--but he would like to be.

Ted was hot tonight. He was playing a game of pool and horseshoes simultaneously.

Dan and I were outside throwing some shoes as Ted darted in/out of the bar from his pool game. Nice Capri pants Dan!

Urinal Art - Boatel Bar, circa 2007

Joe distributes drinks right from the kayak.

YAHTZEE!! - yelled Joe as he recklessly paddled away from our canoe. Seconds later he rolled the kayak and was swimming in the 40F degree water and casually dragged his intoxicated body to the shore. Fortunately we had just removed the keg from his kayak.

10PM - we finally arrive at Pikes Landing with barely enough time to order dinner on the deck.

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