Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Death Cabin

Jim approaches his newly purchased death cabin

Jim and I ventured out to explore his recently purchased property this evening. He got 10.5 acres not far from my place. We walked the perimeter with a GPS and flagged off the boundaries and the corners of the lot. Jim got the property in a land auction for an unbelievably good price. There was only one catch--it came with a Death Cabin. The previous owner took a shotgun to her head and shot her brains out a couple of years ago and the cabin remained untouched except for when the body was removed.

On the trail to the death cabin there were these odd and somewhat creepy signs that said "Spare us...we want to live!"

The cabin has been padlocked since the suicide so Jim had to break in.
The cabin had been left untouched since the suicide--dirty dishes were still in the sink, there were sodas in the fridge, and the shelves were still stocked with food. The place was a mess though and had quite a rank aroma.
Jim inspects the ceiling for a bullet hole and splattered blood or brains.
We found a bullet hole in this ratty old futon.

This sticker was on her fridge. I felt sort of intrusive and a bit saddened wandering through someones cabin. We could sort of speculate on what type of person she was by sifting through her personal belongings.

Rumors say that she was married in this giant size outhouse.

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Alex said...

wow… is brader going to live in the cabin or build a new one?