Sunday, May 6, 2007

Another weekend at home

I had another nice weekend hangin' in the hood. The big news --it finally rained! I think this was the first legitimate rainfall since mid-October. After having the precipitation fall as snow for over 6 months its a pleasure to smell and hear a light rainfall descending from the sky. I sure hope the May showers bring me a nice green lawn in another month.

Dan's been staying in the extra room now since X-mas but is packing his stuff up and moving into this "vintage" camper. He quit his job at the Pogo gold mine and he plans to park this bachelor pad on his brothers property and start building a cabin this summer. He'll be out working on a research boat along the AK coastline and building in his spare time.

Trevor, Brian and I went to the Ice Dogs championship hockey game this weekend. There was a rowdy crowd yelling obscenities at the referee from Anchorage, loud booing at the visiting team, some good fights, and a lot of banging on the plexi glass. Here we are intensely watching the game drinking our whiskey spiked Cokes.

This goofy Ice Dog kept throwing its body up against the glass.

I finished off the weekend going out for deserts and celebrating my friend Robins b-day. Anna was there working the camera with her good looks.

Don't forget to drink water--its really good for you

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