Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Field Work on The 40-Mile

Pasque or crocus flowers bloom on the dry slopes above the 40-Mile River

I just got back from my first stint of summer field work. I went out to the Taylor Hwy in eastern Alaska to take flow measurements along various branches of the 40-Mile River. I also checked in with our weather observers in that neck of the woods. Most of our work was done from bridges and this is a great time of the year to be out there because the tourists are still a few weeks away and there were absolutely no vehicles on the road.

Here I am at O'brien Creek getting the flow measuring equipment ready so we can take our readings.

One of our river/weather observers has this great spread near the 40-mile river. Their sauna is right next to this little creek so you can sit in the screened in area and cool off.
Of course there is no running water out here so the sauna is used as bathhouse too. There are big pots of hot water on the stove to pour over yourself.

OK--I know its bad to feed the wildlife but this fox has grown up at the Taylor's place on the 40-Mile River and is used to being fed by hand.

This little guy is very cute.

We measured the flow at Jack Wade creek which runs right along the appropriately named Jack Wade gold dredge.

I took notes while Ben negotiated shore ice on Jack Wade Cr.

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