Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Solstice

Sunrise: 10:58 AM, Sunset: 2:40 PM, Length of Day: 3hr 42min

Time lapse photo of the sun as it makes a low arc across the southern horizon on Dec 21st over Fairbanks, Alaska. Each photo was taken about every 30 minutes. (Courtesy Todd Paris)

Its hard to believe winter solstice is here. This day always makes me a little sad because it feels like we will be climbing our way out of winter from this point on. The days will be getting longer tomorrow and in a little over 4 months there will be continuous twilight lighting up the northern horizon. Not long after that it will be light all night long and summer will be here. I will definitely make the most of these dark cozy days before they are gone...

me depressed that we are gaining light and headed out of winter

Flash doesnt care about anything but sleeping

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John said...

What a PRETTY kitty!