Sunday, December 3, 2006

Eleazars Cabin Ski Trip

I skied out into the White Mtns (about 30 miles north of Fairbanks) with some friends this weekend. Brian and I left the hilltop cafe after eating some fattening burgers Fri evening and made it to the trailhead around 10pm. We skied the 12 miles to Eleazars cabin in fresh snow and a nearly full moon lighting our way--what a beautiful night to be out after a few weeks of subzero weather and no fresh snow. We arrived around 12:30am and had a few drinks and then crashed.

We woke up at the crack of dawn (about 10:30am) to see a spectacular sunrise over the AK Range and temps around 20F--above that is!

Brian and Josie at Eleazars: check out those stylish down pants...Cabela's next poster boy?

Brian headed back to the road later that day and I attempted to skate ski down the valley towards the Borealis Cabin. The trail deteriorated rapidly after Eleazars and was in desparate need of snow--I guess I am going to have to freeze my ass off and do some type of naked snow dance to entice mother nature this year. It was also about -5F along the valley bottom and with the fresh snow was painfully slow. The undisturbed snow cover did allow me see numerous wolf tracks which was cool. The trees were also covered with delicate hoar frost crystals...very beautiful.

On the way back to Eleazars the sky was filled will pastel pink and purple as a full moon rose about the horizon. Man...there is nothing quite like the winter sky in Dec...I dont see how people can head south this time of year.

Dan, John, and Tina skied in Sat night. We celebrated Tina's b-day with halibut and a totally mouth watering ice cream cake that John had hidden in his sled. The ski out on Sun was soooo sweet because it was warm and fast--what a treat!

John had the dogs pull the sled (but I didnt get them in the pic)

Dan's ready to hit the trail

Lumberjack John

Tina is happy because it finally warmed up above zero

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