Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas in a Winter Wonderland

Christmas Day: -8F with light snow. It was a winter wonderland in interior Alaska as usual with cool temps, snow, and dim daylight from about 10am-3pm. A great day for skiing, eating, and sleeping. I hung out with Trevor and opened up gifts from friends and family. We also snowshoed and skied on the trail that leads down from the house into Goldstream valley. Its been snowing for a few days now so we are finally making up for the dry Oct and Nov.

The house on Christmas

The Charlie Brown tree that I cut from the trail in the back yard

Trevor skis the trail that goes from the house down into Goldstream Valley

My plan is to install thermometers all along the trail--the temp is deceiving since I just pulled it out of my pocket. Says +20F but it was really -10F.

I got another season of South Park on DVD

Lindsay sent a Trader Joes care package--sweet!!

The pumpkins from Halloween celebrate x-mas on the deck

Kiss my Ass soap was a gift from Lisa


ben huff said...

ed, this is blogger, we regret to inform you that if you do not start posting more regularly, we will be forced to shut you down.

that is all.

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