Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ski your age

Today was the annual "ski your age in km" fundraiser at the Birch Hill x-country area. There was a pretty good turn out even though there was a fresh layer of cold, wickedly slow snow that fell when the temp was -10F...and it didnt warm up much more than that during the day. My goal was to ski for about 4 hrs and I wasnt too concerned about the distance. Due to the slow snow, I would estimate that the amount of energy it took to go 1km today was probably equivalent to 2km on a warm day when the snow was bullet fast. I was able to go about 42km but this is nothing compared to the older hard core folks out there. My friend "super" Norma skied 50km...and another guy named Andy did 60km! I could only dream of being that fit at that age. Sorry no pics from this event...

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