Friday, August 17, 2007

40 Below in August

Julie stares up at the 40 below room sign in disbelief

Now why didnt I think of this?? A room where tourists pay $$ to experience 40 below temperatures during the summer--what a cool idea. Julie (aka our summer hire from work) was headed back to the lower 48 this week and wanted to experience a simulated Fairbanks winter before applying for graduate school up here. So we went to the cold room at Pioneer Park.
Julie pulls the handle to enter into a Fairbanks winter. They gave us parkas and cups of boiling water to throw into the air.

Wait a minute--its almost -50F in here!!! My fingers and ears were freezing

Julie relaxes on an ice thrown.

Who turned on the furnace? Actually it was only 84 degrees outside but it was one of our hottest days of the summer.

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