Saturday, August 4, 2007

Denali on Two Wheels

Julie descends Polychrome Pass on the Denali Park road

We finally biked in Denali. Julie and I had intended to do this back in June but it was difficult to get bus reservations for us and the bikes. The Park only allows 2 bikes per camper bus--and there are only 3 or so a day. Our plan was to take the latest bus to the Fish Creek stop about 60 miles into the Park and then bike back to the entrance overnight when there are few, if any, vehicles on the road. It's August now and I sort of spaced out that it gets dark for a few hours at night now. Oh well...we brought our headlamps and only needed to use them between about 1-2am. Dea and Ben were going to meet us at Polychrome Pass but sped ahead and we eventually met up with them at the campsite at the park entrance.

I brought the GPS along and logged our vertical profile. Our total distance that night was 61.1 miles and there was a net drop overall but we did have a few good hill climbs.
Ready to go--Mile zero and the weather is great. I wasn't smiling so big a few hours later because my ass was super sore from my seat.

Julie is excited to bomb the hill down to the Toklat River.

Bear chewed sign--doesn't look like the nails are helping much.

We saw moose, caribou and sheep on our ride. No bears in site except during the bus ride into the Park. Apparently Dea and Ben shot past a waiting bus and some bears....we missed them.

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Marilyn said...

Scrolled down thru your entire blog page here and marveled at the awesome photos...enjoying the captions along the way. Was watching Expedition Alaska and noted the College Glacier, googled it, and found your site. Thanks for sharing with the world !