Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wedding Bells in the Boreal Forest

Today was the long awaited wedding of Lars and Sharon. They have been shacked up for several years and have now filed paperwork with the state of Alaska to recognize their coexistence. Lars' dad performed the ceremony (anyone can be a wedding commissioner once in Alaska) at their ginormous home that they call Belfair.

Jim and Mark play the popular Midwest game called "cornhole". The objective of cornholing is to toss small corn filled bags at a board with a hole in the middle. Jim fabricated this cornhole game as a gift for Lars and Sharon.

Ted is an intense cornhole player

Lena and Amanda bungee race. There was also a giant air filled castle to jump around in

The crowd dances in a heavy downpour from a thunderstorm

Trevor gets decorated by the ladies

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