Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Can Smell Winter in the Air

Sunrise: 2:59 AM, Sunset: 12:48 AM, Length of Day: 21hr 49min

Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere today. Up this far north its an especially significant day because it means our 24 hours of continuous light will gradually be replaced by dark nights and falling temperatures. Yeah--that's still a few months away but I know for some people the thought of losing daylight is depressing and can throw them into a funk. In reality--today marks the beginning of our uphill swing back towards winter and hopefully lots of snow to frolic in. I still have oodles of summery things to do so now the rush is on.

There are a lot of activities going on in Fairbanks in association with the solstice. I wandered downtown with Dea and Ben to check out the scene and hopefully catch some interesting characters. Man--there were tons of people out enjoying the evening. Downtown actually had a festive feeling and I felt like I was in some hip lower-48 city.

No bucking broncos in AK--only spawning salmon trying to shake lose small children

Some dancers shaking handles of love on 1st Avenue in downtown Fairbanks

Thunderstorms rock the hills northeast of town this evening