Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Pan-American Green Pea

Torsten and Dirk pose inside of their green home on wheels.

The Germans arrived on my doorstep a few days ago. They are headed 500 miles north of Fairbanks to the oil fields at Prudhoe Bay which are situated on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. Prudhoe is the northernmost point accessible by road on the North American continent.

They crashed at my place for a few days before embarking on their transcontinental journey which will take them from Alaska to the southern tip of South America - Ushuaia, Argentina.

These adventurous German boys will be making this grand excursion through the boreal forests of Canada, the hot and dusty desert southwest, the steamy jungles of Central America, across the Panama Canal and equator, through the Atacama desert in Chile which is one of the driest regions on the planet, to the bottom of South America --- in a 1952 green VW Beetle!

Torsten and Dirk head north in the green 1952 VW Beetle which is appropriately named "Erbse" (meaning pea in english) to the start of their 35,000 km voyage. You can keep an eye on their progress and experiences along the Pan-American Hwy on there website: Torstens and Dirks wild ride.


Anonymous said...

What lovely trees! :) All green and white!

Anonymous said...

Cool story Ed. Unfortunately the website is in Deutsch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ed,
you and your friends are the reason, that Alaska and their people will always be something special for us.
Your mates, Dirk and Torsten.

P.S.:Yes, our webpage is unfotunately only in german,but we're working on it,so long, have fun with the pics.