Sunday, November 26, 2006

White Mtns Ski Day

One of the driest and coldest Nov's in Fairbanks has left the trails in town a bit rough. So Brian and I headed to the White Mtns trail system in hopes that there would be a bit more snow. We were in luck--the trails were not only better--they were great shape and the scenery was outstanding. We are planning to get a group together next weekend to ski farther out to one of the public use cabins.
White Mtns trail junction
Brian and his hairy daughter Josie
Thats me rejoicing that the trails are fast and fun!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day Relay

Dan, Martin and I were team "Estles Angels" in the annual Turkey Day relay. Estle is our ski trainer/coach guy. This is a 3 x 5km ski race at Birch Hill the day after Thanksgiving. It was cool that afternoon (10 below) but there was a good turnout. Even with the below zero temps the snow was still fast since it was packed rock hard.

Dan sizes up some of the competition--a bunch of punk highschool kids and UAF skiers...
Dan kicked ass and gave us a good lead and we were able to squeeze into the top 10 out of 50 teams. Here are the "official" results:

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tolovona Hot Springs Ski

The first trip of the season into Tolovona Hot Springs was fun as usual. Me, Ted, John, Sharon, Lars, and Tina skied/walked/sledded the steep 12 miles in on Fri morning. It was wickedly windy at the trailhead but fortunately for us the temp was above zero so the wind chill wasnt so biting. Julie, Brader, Brian and Bernie arrived at 3am Sat morning with a dazzling display of northern lights brightening their trip in. Heidi and Chris strolled in Sat afternoon. It was between 5 and 20 below when we skied out on Sun but light winds made it a pleasant trip. Fortunately all the cars started right up and we didnt need to heat them up with the propane weed burner.
Here comes Ted is making the final push up the dome

Chris enjoys the beautiful music I am producing

Trevor keeps cranking out the tunes

Sharon with a big beautiful smile!!

Drunken Brader, Bernie and Brian getting friendly

It was so steamy in the cabin that we eventually ended up w/our own naked chef

Heidi--the best cure for a hangover is to keep drinking!!

The guys in the tub---where did all the chicks go??

Frosty eyelashes, self portrait