Friday, December 7, 2007

Went to a fight and a hockey game broke out...

Fights--booing at the referee and the out of town team--dropping whiskey into our cokes--banging on the plexiglass--> that about sums up an evening at a Fairbanks Ice Dogs hockey game. I think we were in the running for the most obnoxious fans...well maybe. The number of fights was uncountable. At one point there were three going on at once and the ice was littered with helmets, gloves, and sticks. These games allow some of us to release the inner red-neck we keep closeted deep down within our inner-self. This is what an Ice Dogs game is all about.

Nearly everyone was sent to the penalty box after the big fight breakout....

Another rumble on the ice.
The out of town team were the Kenai Brown Bears---grrrrrr. Our sticky-note graffiti bashing the Brown Bears was well received by the Ice Dogs. Final score was something like 5 to zilch.

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