Sunday, December 16, 2007

Plummeting toward normal...

My skate ski boots dry in front of the wood stove one last time before being stashed away for the foreseeable future.

After a really warm start to the ski season the temperatures in interior Alaska are finally going to slide to the negative side of zero Fahrenheit (-18C) for a while--which is more or less normal for this time of year. Skating on skis is gruelingly slow in sub-zero weather. Classic (aka diagonal) skiing is much more enjoyable when the thermometer plummets because every passing ski moves across the same track of snow...which in turn wears down the sharp/cold snow crystals and results in a surprisingly good glideable surface even when its really cold. So up here in Fairbanks...the heart of the winter is typically spent on classic skis.

So with the colder weather today I got talked into running a 10k race which circumnavigated the perimeter of the UAF campus. Everyone was frosted over by delicate layers of ice crystals.

This is Keith--he had some superb snot icicles to accessorize his frosty beard.

And of course--Trevor is smiling as usual with a steaming cup (paper not Styrofoam) of hot chocolate.

Lisa and I both live on a network of ski trails that hook up with the trails on we skied home right from the gym after the run.

Dea the bartender whipped up a variety of martinis at our house over the weekend. There were traditional ones with gin/vermouth and a variety of colorful sweet vodka based ones.

Jackson is fighting giardia and has been frequented by daily bouts of diarrhea and soft stools for the past month. So Dea produced her signature drink - the clogged toilet-ini. Or in this case it was renamed the giardiatini. A little brown surprise was lurking in the urine colored drink. This a beverage Dea concocted about a month ago at Lisa and Trevor's b-day party.

Brian is comforted by the disgustingly familiar drink and dives right in...

Dancing broke out in the kitchen as more alcohol was consumed.

Some satisfied martini drinkers...