Friday, September 28, 2007


Russian is extremely complicated with all these damn cases and word endings!!!

OK--my brain is completely saturated at this point. I have only been here a few days and I feel like I am actually losing the Russian that I knew before I got here. Today my teacher was chatting to me in Russian and started to explain something in English and it didn't even register. I didn't realize she was speaking in my native tongue. I have nearly yanked all of my hair out. I shouldn't have got it cut before I left because I could have saved some $$.

I have had 3 different teachers so far and they have all been great. Each has a different teaching style and this is refreshing because after a few hours I need a bit of a change. Tamara has these sticks that she beats me with if my grammar is incorrect. Not really, we would toss these sticks back/forth as she would have me simultaneously recite verb conjugations. She would also throw a stuffed animal fish at me.
Here is Tamara throwing sticks at me while I spew out Russian verb conjugations.
Lyoubov was another one of my teachers. She actually told me that my pronunciation was very good--I sounded Russian. I think she was lying... She is actually quite pretty--I am not sure why she didn't smile for the camera.


ben huff said...

i'm loving these updates, but my jealousy is out of control. thanks for posting so often.

Ted Wu said...

These post are awesome...Sounds like you are having a great time. Keep up the good work.

Kelly said...

Hi Ed! We miss you! We're going through shugah withdrawl!

~ Kelly and Pepper

Anonymous said...

spew out Russian verbs - man that's going to take a LONG time as the endings are always changing. :) I asked a Russian - do you actually change all the endings or are they just putting us thru this torture for nothing and you can speak in the neuter form all the time??? She said - no - they change them! DANG - I guess it's like us not using our articles - a - the- it etc. ;)