Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Quick Trip to CO

My niece Katie admires the view of Boulder from NCAR

I made a quick trip down to Colorado to see some of the family over the weekend. I got to spend some time hanging out with the nephews/nieces. Here are just some shots from the trip..

They give anyone their permits these days--My oldest nephew Timothy drove us from Boulder back up to the house in the mountains. He actually is a pretty good driver for a kid..

Katie and I goofing around at the ice cream shop.

Meghan and her ice cream

Meghan dressed up Mark in her colorful sun hats....

Electrical currents mesmerize Katie.

The Moffat tunnel is right near my bro's house up in the mountains. Its about 6 miles long and opens up on the other side of the continental divide at Winter Park. There is some really beautiful hiking all around here.

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mtbikemeteo said...

you can tell your niece is related to you because of the identical silly faces!! way to teach 'em young, ed!