Sunday, March 4, 2007

Trip to Berlin

Bob, Ann and took the train into Berlin for the day. We were planning on biking around the city but it was another rainy and blustery day so we opted to walk around rather get drenched on bikes. I was quite surprised that there were only some very small fragments (like 20 feet long) of the wall left in the city.

This is a memorial for victims of the Holocaust. I believe these rectangular blocks of concrete are supposed to represent coffins of those killed but this definitely open to interpretation. The blocks were identical except for the height of them. They lacked any sort of marking and there were narrow passageways between them. The grey day certainly added to the somber mood as we strolled between the masses of concrete.

This is a memorial near the Brandenburg gate in honor of people that died trying to climb the wall and escape into West Berlin.

I have seen these self cleaning toilets in Europe before but this one was extremely sterile, had music, and would allow one to stay inside and take care of business for up to 1.5 hours if you kept feeding it Euros. This is Bob heading in to take a leak...

Traffic races towards the TV tower on a Saturday night in Berlin

This is a glass dome on top of the parliment building with a circular walkway leading up to the top. From inside there is a birds eye view of the Berlin skyline as well as a view down into the parliment hall where goverment officials meet.

Peering down into the German Parliment from the glass dome...not a good place to lose the grip on your camera

Night view of the Brandenberg gate

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