Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Redneck Weekend--YeeHa!

Howdy partners--I had a fun filled redneck weekend at the annual Chatanika Days celebration. The place was teeming with Bush supporters, snowmachines, 4-wheelers, country music fans, miners, hillbillies, etc, etc. I was recruited by Brian to be part of a 4-man team to push an outhouse for about a mile in the highly competitive outhouse race.

About 30 min before the race our outhouse still hadn't shown up. The last bit of communication we had with the guy that was supposed to drop it off was about 8pm the night before and he was completely trashed. We presumed that he was passed out somewhere. Fortunately for us, mighty Old Faithful, a 28 year veteran of the race, was missing a team. So we made an executive decision and decided to run Old Faithful.
Brian, Trevor, George and I struggle to push "Old Faithful" down the Steese Hwy. Melissa enjoys the ride from the pot.

My ass was groped numerous times--eat your heart out J. Lo!

Go! Go! We push on to the finish line at the Chatanika lodge. We ended up in 2nd place.

Check out that hat...prrrrrrr.

This cowboy looks like he just rode down from Brokeback Mountain!

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