Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two kidney

Trevor and Dea all geared up for the great kidney swap

The transplant was a success. Two very close people in my life underwent what I consider a marvel of modern medicine. Trevor graciously donated one of his kidneys to Dea this past week. Dea is still on the road to recovery as her body gets pumped with anti-rejection drugs and bashed with needles to ensure that her body accepts the kidney. Everything looks good at the moment and Dea will once again be able to live a normal, dialysis-free life thanks to the generostiy of Trevor.

Dea has facilitated many of my trips over the past couple of years by shuttling cars and offering pick-ups at remote trailheads. Now that her schedule will no longer be controlled by tri-weekly dialysis sessions she will be able to take part in excursions that span more than a 2-day time frame. This will definitely be a new sense of freedom for Dea.

Post surgery coffee. Dea and Trevor are both recovering at the Mayo Clinic in Minnestota.

Hats off to Trevor. His generosity to pass on one of his organs to Dea in order to improve the quality of her life is a gift of insurmountable proportions. Its difficult to express the happiness I have for Dea and the sincere gratitude I feel towards Trevor.