Sunday, January 25, 2009

Caribou Bluff

The Caribou Bluff cabin sits alone on a ridge above Fossil Creek

I think the Caribou Bluff cabin is one of my favorites. The petite log shelter radiates a very cozy and welcoming aura immediately when the front door is swung open. I can't quite place my finger on why the cabin conveys this feeling. Maybe it's because the simple layout is how I would have created such a place. The space is tight but very neatly and efficiently laid out. A narrow table is straddled on either side by two nicely sized bunk beds. This makes it possible to sit comfortably while eating a warm meal and then immediately roll over on to the softness of my down sleeping bag...and watch the northern lights dance across the night sky through the modest picture window.

Christie escorted me on this overnight trip out to Caribou Bluff. Sky "the wonder dog" happily assisted her almost the entire 30-miles out to the cabin. We didn't see any caribou but there were many fresh wolf tracks meandering on the creek in the valley below.

Tales of the north from Robert Service keep us entertained.

Inscribing a few poetic phrases in the log book before heading back to the truck and our lives in Fairbanks. We will return one day and briefly relive this trip as we scroll back through the tattered pages...

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