Saturday, September 13, 2008

East Meets West

One of the many mosques which define the Istanbul skyline

Istanbul - what a fascinating mix of cultures in this metropolis of 14 million or so that bridges Europe to the west and Asia to the east. This is quite an amazing city that is difficult to describe in only a few words. From the haunting sounds of the pre-dawn call to prayer echoing through the streets each morning from the uncountable mosques scattered about the the myriad of boats criss-crossing the Strait of the hordes of people moving fluidly through the narrow alleys. Istanbul is a mishmash of eastern and western cultures.

Vendors sell a variety of items in the Istanbul spice market.

I am not quite sure what this is composed of or if it really works.

Topkapi Palace - giant vats which were used to prepare feasts for the sultans.

A window in Aya Sofia frames the Blue Mosque

Morning sunlight illuminates the ceramic tiled ceiling of the Blue Mosque

The 6th century Basilica Cistern underlies a portion of Istanbul. This giant subterranean structure was first built to provide water to the great palace of Constantinople and other surrounding buildings.

A busy harbor on the Strait of Bosphorus.


Aaron T. said...

Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul not Constantinople. If you have a date in Constatinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul.

Cheryl said...

Hi Eddie,
I love the pictures. Almost makes a city-shy person like me want to go to a Istanbul. Especially to see the architecture, eat and see the markets. Those apricots look delicious.

brown said...

it's so nice to see Istanbul again - one day i'll get back! i hope you had a good stay and that your current locale is treating you well. thinking of you, brownie

Vår Utsida said...

Too bad for turkish women (and men too i guess ) that lovemaking only takes 12 minutes, at least according to that sign haha =)