Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flooded in Fairbanks

The Tanana River inundates a Fairbanks neighborhood in late July

Between 4-6 inches of rain fell across the Fairbanks area the past few days. This pushed the Tanana River which skirts the the southern part of the city to its highest levels since the record flooding of 1967. The river flooded widespread swaths of low-lying land adjacent to the river including several neighborhoods around Fairbanks and the much of the town of Nenana.

Almost the entire town of Nenana was submerged by the waters of the Tanana River. I captured this image near the peak of flooding while doing aerial reconnaissance of the flood impacted areas. This was the worst flooding in Nenana since 1967.

Roads became river channels and many homes were only accessible by boat or with a pair of chest waders. Up to 300 residences were impacted by the flood waters.

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Christopher Reichert said...

Everyone should be walking around with packrafts...