Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mount Prindle - Rocks!

Flying high above Mt Prindle on an early summer afternoon

Ann and I headed into the uplands north of Fairbanks today. The terrain is rather dramatic for these ancient, highly weathered and rounded hills which divide the Tanana River drainage from that of the mighty Yukon.

Our hike began with 9 miles of easy going on the nicely groomed track of the Quartz Creek trail before diverting east through a break in the hillside. We then ascended a high and exposed spur ridge which leads to the summit of Mt Prindle before returning down the Nome Creek drainage to our starting point. The entire route was 24 miles and made for a fantastic day trip within an hours drive from Fairbanks.

Ann contemplates something philosophically deep as she gazes out from a craggy ridge leading up to Mount Prindle

Splashes of pink woolly lousewort dotted the tundra. The endless daylight and warm temperatures have jump started summer in the far north.

The hiking was superb on the dry and crunchy lichens and rock.

Many pinnacles with precariously placed rocks jutted out from the landscape.

Casting shadows on a few remnant snow fields.

The approach to Mt Prindle is strewn with granite spires jutting up into the skyline.

The granite monuments which define the ridgeline are absolutely spectacular.

As we were winding our way through the graveyard of tors - we came upon a newborn sheep and mother. The abrupt and unexpected encounter startled all four of us and for a moment we just stared at each other in silence. The sheep eventually scurried away...

Ann and I balancing on the summit of Mt Prindle

A spotlight of sun illuminates a chorus of granitic tors.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pics - you two look happy at the top of that mt. :) Love the pics of the goats - I snagged that one for my collection - hope that's okay? Tell me if it isn't.

Carlene said...

Granite! Midnight sun! I want to climb in the Interior!

Michelle said...

Alicia and I were very excited to read your new edventures, love to Ann xxx