Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The bikers...

Tim is ready hit the trail after a night at Tolovona Hot Springs.

Heather and I skied the 11-mile trail out to Tolovana Hot Springs to meet Jeff, Tim and Pete on the first night of their 200+ mile biking circuit along remote trapping/snowmachine trails north of Fairbanks. They left Fairbanks at 5am and headed out into unknown trail conditions. Their first stop was Tolovana Hot Springs--about 80 miles or so from Fairbanks via the dunbar trail. They expected to arrive around dinner time if all went well. Trail conditions deteriorated about 15 miles from the springs and they ended up trudging through soft, punchy snow with their bikes at their sides. The guys woke us up from a sound sleep as they stumbled into the cabin around 3 am.

Check out the giant tires on Jeffs bike - these make it possible to bike through relatively soft snow.
The guys are training for the Iditarod Trail Invitational - a 350-mile ultra race along the Iditarod Trail. The race starts Feb 24th. Keep and eye on their progress by checking out the race website.

Plans changed because the trail was so crummy. The guys ended up riding back to town with us. So we crammed 5 people, 2 dogs, 3 beefy bikes, skis and gear into the car.

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