Saturday, April 7, 2007

I missed the Party..Bummer

I had big plans to meet Eric and others out at the Angel Cr cabin for his B-day bash this weekend. Unfortunately my plans failed. I had Jim drop me off at the Stiles Cr trail head and my goal was to take an overland route to the cabin. I followed the Stiles Creek trail for about 8 miles and then veered off and followed a trappers trail to the tundra ridgeline above. From there I had hoped to ski across the wind drifted snow and walk where the snow had been blown away. I would eventually descend 2500' to the cabin in the valley below.

The view of the upper Chena River valley as I made it above treeline

The weather was great BUT way too warm. After a record cold March--April arrived with temps soaring to 50F. Its a bummer because this rapidly deteriorated the snowpack. The drifts I had planned skimming across ended up swallowing me up to my crotch. It was excruciatingly slow going and I had to bail out about 4 miles shy of the cabin when I realized I wouldn't make it before dark. I didn't want to be out there route finding in the middle of the night.

Looking up at the ridge line I had intended to follow. I went another mile or so before I bagged it because the snow was rotten and I kept punching through up to my crotch.

So I retraced my steps and skied 11 miles back down to the road. I attempted to hitch hike to the Angel Cr cabin trailhead (which would have been a flat 6 mile ski to the cabin). I tried for an hour and couldn't get a ride. Some drunk military guys did throw a beer bottle at me -what assholes- and lucky for me they missed. After that I decided to bag it and ended up getting a ride to the nearest phone in Two Rivers. Sharon came and rescued my and dragged my butt back to town.


Ted Wu said...

Maybe if you show some skin next time you'll get a ride.......

Fwx Sharon said...

Since I gave eEd a ride do I get to see some skin???